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If you own a business, then you want to ensure your assets are protected. You put a lot of time and energy into your business to see it grow to become successful. Insurance coverage is important for any business. However, it is not something a business owner should rush through purchasing. Every business is different which is why WebFirst Insurance, LLC understands the specific needs of your business and can help you choose an insurance policy that works best.

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What is business insurance?

Business Insurance helps protect your business’ financial assets, intellectual and physical property from lawsuits, property damage, theft, vandalism, loss of income, employees, injuries, and illnesses.

Types of business insurance

Commercial liability

Commercial property

Commercial auto

Worker’s compensation

What are your business’ insurance needs?

At WebFirst Insurance, we determine what a business’ insurance needs based off:

The industry

The size of the business

Your location

Number of employees

Types of coverage

• Business personal property insurance – helps protect your business’ buildings and personal property

• Business income insurance – helps replace lost income if you close temporarily due to a covered loss like theft or property damage from a fire

• Professional liability insurance – helps cover costs related to claims that your business made errors in providing its services

• Worker’s compensation insurance – helps cover costs to employees while they are unable to work after suffering a work-related injury or illness

• Commercial auto – helps protect your business from the costs of a work related auto accident

• Commercial umbrella insurance – acts as a safety net that provides additional coverage when other liability policies reach their limits

• Home-based business insurance – helps cover the costs of property and liability risks to businesses that operate out of a business owner’s home

Terms you should know


the amount of money you pay for your insurance policy


the out-of-pocket expense that you are required to pay before your insurer will cover your claim


the cost of your unit of insurance


a third party service that holds your money until the money is ready to be released


when a person doesn’t exercise reasonable care in a given situation

Contact an Agent for more information

One of our trusted agents will be with you as soon as possible.

What happens when you contact our agents?

You request a quote.

You will be asked to provide the basic required information for a quote to one of our insurance agents. This information would be your name and any liabilities from your business. We will reach out directly for more information once you request a quote.

Verifying coverages.

We will verify your needs for your insurance policy. This is so that we can provide you with the best insurance in Massachusetts that caters to your needs.

We write up a quote.

Based on the information that you provide to our agents, we will write up a quote for you, and contact you with several differently priced options, to see what fits your budget. We work with many carriers, so finding you the right coverage at the most affordable price is the name of our game.

Signing the contract.

If you like the terms and the price, the insurance agent sends over an application. The customer fills out the application, and sends in a down payment on the policy.

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By representing different insurance companies WebFirst Insurance, LLC can shop for the most affordable insurance plan for your needs. Our experienced agents will work with you to provide the best insurance policy for your needs. Let WebFirst Insurance, LLC provide you with competitive quotes and the best business insurance in Massachusetts.

To get a quote, please call us at (800) 957-1455. Our agents are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.