Homeowners Insurance Policy – What’s Covered?

Updated December 21, 2023  |   Published July 24, 2023

Sifting through your homeowners insurance policy can often be confusing. There are lots of things that you could be liable for in the event of an accident on your property. It’s important that you understand the details of your policy, and how much coverage you can expect in the event of a claim. A good guide to follow in ensuring that you have enough coverage for your home is by multiplying the square footage of your home by the local building cost per square foot in your area. Once you determine how much coverage you actually need in your home, you can determine whether your insurance policy has the coverages that you need the most, and that you’re covered up to the amount that you determined.


What’s covered?

For an overview of what we here at WebFirst Insurance cover and don’t cover, let’s look at some of the most common home issues and determine if a standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers it:

Vandalism and Theft: Covered

Your homeowners insurance policy should include coverage for losses from theft and vandalism, but all policies cap the amount that the insurance company will pay. Valuable items such as jewelry, artwork, or collectibles may exceed the limits of a standard policy, and require additional coverage.

Fire, Smoke, and Lightning: Covered

All standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage from fire and smoke. Such coverages generally include teardown, cleanup, and rebuilding costs for the main structure and outbuildings, along with replacing furniture and possessions inside the home. Most policies also include loss of use coverage to pay for alternate lodging while your home is rebuilt.

Explosions: Covered

Explosions are typically covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. This will often include rebuilding costs, as well as costs for cleanup and refurnishing your home.

Windstorm or Hail: Covered

For any damage caused by wind or hail, you are covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Like fire or explosions, this will include rebuilding costs, as well as costs for cleanup and refurnishing your home.

Damage Done by Aircraft or a Vehicle: Covered

Sometimes, accidents happen outside of the home that are out of your control, but they can still have an effect on your home. We make sure that these accidents are covered so in the rare case of it happening, you can rest assured that the important things are covered.



Some things that you can be covered for at an additional expense are: floods, earthquakes, maintenance damage, and sewer backup. You can also purchase add-ons that give you extra protection. A few of these are: swimming pool coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, and water backup. Contact one of our agents if you’d like to add additional coverages to your homeowner’s insurance policy.


For a comprehensive list of our coverages and add-ons, please visit our website. Interested in getting a quote for your home? Contact one of our agents to get your quote started, or visit our website.


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